The newly adopted VALS Bylaws as of 2005.

School Bylaws  |   June 2005


1. Mission, Objectives & Expectation
2. General Assembly
3. Board
4. Rules & Regulations5. Teachers
5. Students
6. Teachers' Assistants
7. Snacks
8. Activities
9. Forms

Amendment to the Bylaws can be made upon a request of two VALS members or the Board and the voting of 51% of the General Assembly or by a petition signed by 75% of the General assembly.

2. General Assembly:

VALS General Assembly is made of the school families and the teachers participating in the school during the school year. Each family and teacher, who does not have children attending VALS are entitled to one vote in the General Assembly. The General Assembly is the highest authority of VALS.

3. Board:

The General Assembly will delegate the day-to-day management of VALS to the Board:
a) VALS Board is responsible for schools operation, planning, budgeting, and organization of activities
b) VALS Board consists of seven Vals parents. Each parent will be elected to a two-year term. VALS General Assembly will vote annually to replace three or four members of the seven -members Board who completed their two-years term
c) Election will be held during the last month of school. Parents intending to run for the seat must advise the Board no later than school's twenty-fifth week of their intention to run for the seat. Candidates for the Board seats may submit a statement two weeks before election. The statement will be distributed to all school members to familiarize themselves with the candidates
d) Board president will establish and chair a three-school parents' task force to conduct the election. The Board president will nominate another Board member to share the election task force if the president is running for election.
e) In the case of a tie between two or more candidates and none of the candidates agree to withdraw his/her nomination; the General Assembly will vote for the second time to elect one of the tied candidates.
f) The Board will meet during the summer as called for by the Board's President of last year Board. During the first meeting, the Board will elect new President, Director of administration. Director of Teachers and Student affairs and Director of Social Activities and assign a responsibilities to the seventh member. The Board will define the role and responsibilities of each position.
g) The Board will contact VALS Parents for their participation in discussing, organizing and implementing the Board's activities and resolutions.
h) Should a Board member resign or no longer able to carry her or his duties, the Board will, within 3 months after such event, nominate a new Board member for the General Assembly's ratification. General assembly ratification may be gained through emails. The new Board member will serve until the next annual election.
i) A Board member may be removed from Board by:

1. Approval of five Board Members or
2. Approval of 75% of VALS General Assembly

4. Rules and Regulations:

a) Students and teachers should arrive to school no later than 15 minutes before the first period. Late arrival will disturb the class.
b) Parents should be at the school 10 minutes prior to the end of second period to pick up their children. This is for the safety of the children. It will also allow Board members and teachers the opportunity to talk to parents if needed.
c) Parents may be assigned the responsibility to assist the teacher in the classroom and to provide snacks for the student. See paragraph 7 and 8 for the details.
d) Parents are responsible to ensure that their child(ren)'s homework assignment is completed. Doing homework is part of the learning process and is mandatory. Coming to school with unfinished homework slows the class learning progress and demoralizes other students. Parents' compliance in this matter is required. If a student is not doing the homework, the teacher and a Board member may discuss the issue with the student first. A Board member or the teacher will call the student's parent if the student does not comply.
e) Parents are required to make sure that the students are coming to school with appropriate school supplies. Pencils, pens, a notebook for Arabic, a notebook for Islamic Religion, textbooks as well as a prayer rug and a scarf for female student are required.

5. Teachers:

a) VALS Teachers are dedicated teachers. Some of the teachers are paid teachers; other teachers are dedicated volunteer teachers. Teachers will help the Board in establishing the curricula for each level, teach the student and recommend to the Board the appropriate learning level for students.
b) The Board will evaluate teachers annually.
c) Teachers should avoid discussing with the students the teachers' personal, political or social agenda that may contradict the parent's views. It is understood that Religion Teachers may answer questions from students based on their best understanding of the position of Islam regarding such questions.

6. Students:

a) Students are enrolled at VALS with the approval of the Board
b) The Board will determine the number of students targeted for the year.
c) Sibling of attending VALS students will have the priority in attending school over other new students.
d) VALS Board & Teachers have the responsibility of assigning students to their specific grade level. Parents may discuss the placement with the Teachers and the Board. The Board & Teacher decision is final. VALS reserves the right to make students placement decisions based on the results of a qualification exam.

7. Teachers' Assistant:

a) VALS Board intends to assign permanent teacher assistant to assist the teachers in the classroom. The assistants may be volunteers or paid assistants.
b) VALS Board may assign parents to be the teacher assistant for a certain Sunday based on a schedule that will be distributed through out the year as needed.
c) The Teacher Assistant main responsibility is to control the class and assist the teacher in what she or he may need. Teachers' Assistants will not limit their assistance to their child. Assistants are encouraged to discuss events, problems and recommendations with the teacher after class.

8. Snacks:

a) The Board will distribute a snack schedule for parents at the beginning of each school year.
b) Snacks will be discontinued during the Month of Ramadan
c) Parents providing snacks and drinks are urged to bring drinks and snacks that are individually packaged. The snack should not be the type that breaks easily and makes crumbs. Snacks should meet Islamic standards.
d) Parents must stay in school and distribute the snacks and drinks to the students during break and clean up after break.
e) Students will not be allowed to serve the snack in lieu of their parents.

9. Activities:

The Board will endeavor to organize the following activities:
a) Two Pizza Picnics
b) One Ramadan Iftar
c) Two Eid prayers and parties
d) One end of year party
Parents' assistants are vital if organizing activities are to be a success.

10. Forms:

Parents will be required to fill certain forms to enroll their children in school. Also they will receive schedules and memorandum through the year to keep them informed of the school schedules. Email is an effective way of communication between Board members, teachers and Parents. The following are sample forms and memorandums:
a) Application
b) Liability Waiver Form
c) Teacher Information Sheet
d) Waiver of Workman Compensation Insurance by Board members and Teachers
e) Sample Classroom Schedule
f) Sample snack and teacher assistant schedule