• Parents must drop their children off at school 5 minutes before the start of class and must pick them up on time at the end of the school day.
  • Make sure that your child has completed any homework or assignments and has all books and school supplies with him/her after having a good night sleep on Saturday.
  • Please communicate with the Board through e-mail. It allows us to spend more time taking care of school issues. Please when signing your name at the end of email, sign your child's family name as it appears on the registration list.
  • Be part of the VALS family. Sign up to volunteer at any activity or event you feel interested in participating.
  • Absolutely no parents are allowed in the class unless arrangements are made in advance with a board member or teacher.
  • Treat VALS as you treat the regular school. Mark your calendar in order to remember your assignment dates. Keep track of your payments. Do not exceed 2 payments per year.
  • Since we have prayer during break, please make sure your children perform Wudu before coming to school. They should also bring a prayer rug and a head scarf for girls.
  • Lastly, please remember that all board members are volunteers and have family commitments similar to you. The only reason that this school has been so successful in the past is because of the support that we have received from everyone. Please continue to work together to ensure that we will have a prosperous year together.